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The Rise of Sourdough Bread

The Myths and Facts About Postbiotics

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2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Can Probiotics Clear Up Common Skin Disorders?

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Cognitive Health Supplements

Medicinal Mushrooms

The Flexitarian Diet

Beyond Hummus, Chickpea Products Soar in Popularity

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Hottest Trends in Plant-Based Dairy

CPE Monthly: Cancer and the Alkaline Diet

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Climate-Friendly Eating

Oleandrin and COVID-19

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Advocating Biodiversity in Diets

Ancient Wheat

Peer Support in Diabetes Care

Produce Prescriptions — Connecting Health Care With Retail

Telehealth in Private Practice

Cannabis & CBD Edibles

Colloidal Silver and Cancer

Ethics in the Plant-Based Food Movement

Food Insecurity During COVID-19

Diversifying Dietetics


Get Hip to a New Generation of ‘Wellness’ Beverages

Overview of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report

The Untold Story of Obesity

Social Determinants of Health

Food Waste, Climate Change, and Hunger

Functional Foods & Cognitive Health

Insulin Delivery Devices in 2020 and Beyond

Common Questions Answered About CBD

Instagram Diet Trends

The Ultimate Guide to Pulse Flours

Four Intuitive Eating Myths

Eating to Heal a Leaky Gut

Maintain Health Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

CBD Beverages


Mushrooms as Medicine

Spotlight on Lactose-Free Dairy

High-Fiber Convenience Foods

Low FODMAPs: The Latest Products on the Market

Frozen Foods Get a Makeover

Float Therapy

Vegetable-Based Pastas

Digging Into Biodynamic Agriculture

The Power of Pulses

Turning Trash Into Dinner

Workplace Wellness

Philly’s Best Cuisine

Clean Eating: What Does It Really Mean?

Popular Weight Loss Programs

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High-Intensity Incidental Physical Activity

Beyond Food and Mood

Pickled Vegetables

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The Skinny on Unrefined Plant Oils

Technology Promotes Healthful Eating

Food Security May Impact College Student Health, Academic Performance

Today’s Fad Diets

Cannabis Use for Treating Disease

Ashwagandha Supplementation

Stevia Update: The Science Behind the Sweetener

Heavy Metals in Fruit Juice: Here's How to Counsel Parents

Cricket Protein

Juicing Trends: Functional Varieties Diversify the Category

Latest Food Products for Dysphagia Patients

Hottest Trends in ‘Natural’ Food Products

Switchel Makes a Comeback

Sprouted Grains: Modern Trend, Ancient Method

Celebrating 20 Years!

Fad Diets in 2019

Final Farm Bill Signed and in Effect

Top Trends for 2019

Supermarket Meal Kits

The Scoop on Vegan Yogurts

Live Streaming in 3, 2, 1 …



The Portfolio Diet

The Canola Controversy

Dining in D.C.

Examining the New Menu Labeling Law

Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

Deciphering Clean Labels

Benefits of College Farms & Gardens

Carb Cycling for Weight Loss

Navigating the Yogurt Aisle

Spotlight on Cannabidiol

Blockchain Technology

The Cortisol Connection

Alternative Gluten-Free Flours

FODMAPs: Overview of the Emerging Science

The Facts About Fermented Foods

Fallout From the Reversal of OLPP

The Calories In, Calories Out Diet

Understanding Orthorexia

Dispelling Fish Tales

IV Nutrition Therapy

Keeping Up With Fad Diets

Using Food as Lifestyle Medicine

Choline Under the Microscope

Frozen Dessert Innovations

The Future of Nutrigenomics

Cultural Disparities in Obesity, Bariatric Surgery

Clearing Up Lectin Misconceptions

Alkaline and Plant Waters

Organic Dairy Myths and Facts

Hair Growth Supplements

Meal Kits Take Root in Grocery Stores

Food Fears

Alkaline and Plant Waters

Study Shows Nutrition Program Could Result in Hospital Cost Savings

Image-Based Dietary Assessments

Promoting Health in the Checkout Lane

Exercise is Medicine

IFIC Foundation Survey

Algae's Culinary Uses

Engage Millennials in the Classroom

The Latest Physical Activity Recommendations

Theme Park Menu Makeovers

Striving for Longevity

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Yoga in Dietetics Practice

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Fishing for Answers

The Cupping Phenomenon

The 'Who's Who' and 'What's What' of Cultured Meat

Plant Proteins

What's With Eating the Placenta?

Meal Delivery Services

CPE Monthly: Health Benefits of Chia

Spirulina's Popularity

Curbing Children's Sugar Intake

Pea Protein

Ugly Fruits and Vegetables

Meat Snack Fervor

Frozen Food Innovations

Closer Look at Teatoxing

Coconut Oil

CPE Monthly: Examining Popular Detox Diets

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Peanut Allergy Prevention

The New Food Label

Exercise Addiction

Should Clients Eat the Avocado Seed?

The School Breakfast Program

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Ancient Grains

Shifting Protein Trends

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Hybrid Yoga Workouts

Clean Eating

Avocado Spotlight

Key Ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet

Reducing Food Waste

What's the Deal With Bone Broth?

Update on the National Diabetes Prevention Program

Home Health Care — Dietitians at the Forefront

Celebrating Nutrition

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use

What's Trending in the Dairy Aisle?

Health at Every Size

Menus of Change

Popular Nutrition Trends for 2016

The Pescetarian Diet

Retail RDs' Impact on Public Health

The Gamification of Weight Loss

Alternative Natural Sweeteners

CPE Monthly: Substance Abuse and Nutrition

Intermittent Fasting — The Key to Long-Term Weight Loss?

Update on Infant Formulas

Farewell to the 3,500-Calorie Rule

CPE Monthly: Dietary Influences on Lung Cancer

Therapeutic Diet Ordering Privileges

Atlanta Dining

Enjoying Ancient Grains

Gluten-Free Fast Food

The Top 10 Diabetes Meal Patterns

The Nutrition Facts Label

Sustainable Hospital Foodservice

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• The Mediterranean Diet and Cognition

• Meatless Meals From Across the Globe

• BED, Bulimia in Bariatric Surgery Patients

• Living Gluten Free With Type 1 Diabetes

• Celebrating 15 Years

• Functional Fibers

• Postexercise Recovery — Proper Nutrition Is Key to Refuel, Rehydrate, and Rebuild After Strenuous Workouts

• Battling the Twin Epidemics

• The Truth About Energy Drinks

• Vegetarian Value

• Friendly Bug Invasion

• Houston’s Diverse Dining Scene

• Caring for Dementia Patients

• Down on the Organic Dairy Farm

• Gluten-Free Restaurant Dining

• The Organic Foods Debate — Are They Healthier Than Conventional?

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• Campus Dining — More Universities Are Serving Healthier Cuisine to Students

• The Mediterranean Diet: An Up-Close Look at Its Origins in Pantelleria

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• Binge-Eating Disorder

• Happy Thanksgiving Veggie Style!

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• Fermented Foods — Are They the Next Big Nutrition Trend?

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• Vegetarian Teens — Learn How to Better Navigate Their Healthful Path

• Mining the Riches of Dark Chocolate

• Vegan Fare Rules in Cattle Country — An All-Vegan Cafeteria Scores Big With Students

• Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mood Disorders

• Kids’ Snacks for 2012

• Children With Type 1 Diabetes — 10 Strategies to Help Them Develop and Maintain Healthful Eating Habits

• Healthful Holiday Treats

• Cuckoo for Coconut Products

• Powerful Prostate Cancer Fighters — From Arugula to Wasabi, Cruciferous Veggies Pack a Powerful Punch

• Lessons From Europe’s E. Coli Outbreak — What Dietetic Professionals Need to Know

• A Healthful Dose of Bacteria — Yogurt Is the Best Probiotic Source, but Clients Do Have Other Options

• Soyfoods Made Easy — A Soy Primer

• Rise and Dine! — A Breakdown of Breakfast’s Benefits With Experts’ Best Meal Suggestions

• San Diego’s Local Flavor

• Flavored Waters — Good Alternative to Other Kids’ Drinks?

• Redefining Convenience Foods — Steer Clients Toward Quick and Nutritious Meals

• Nutritional Anomaly — Might Antinutrients Offer Some Benefits?

• Insights From Eating Disorder Counseling

• Essential Equipment — Outfitted With the Right Features, Nutrient Analysis Software Can Simplify an RD’s Job

• Communicating Nutrition Messages — There’s an App for That

• Savvy Shopping — Budget-Friendly Ways Families Can Choose More Organics

• Preventing Obesity in Kids With Special Needs — Dietitians Play an Integral Role

• Fruitful Endeavor — Adopting a Plant-Based Diet May Offer a Bounty of Benefits

• Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth — What to Do When Unwelcome Microbes Invade

• Lunchroom Savvy — Schools Find Smart Ways to Encourage Healthful Choices

• Nutrition Guidance for Winter Athletes

• Inflammation — Can’t Stand the Heat? Then Get in the Kitchen

• Watch and Learn — Five Food-Based Films That Should Be in Your Queue

• Hot & Cold — Despite Tea’s Worldwide Popularity, Research on Its Health Benefits Remains Inconsistent

• Avoid the Trap! Experts Reveal Today’s Top Mindless Eating Pitfalls

• ‘Under-the-Radar’ Eating Disorders — Know the Signs to Improve Care

• Nutrition Transition in Chinese Communities

• Simple, Healthy, and Celiac Friendly

• Boston's Food Revolution

• Health Claims — Help Clients Understand the Meaning Behind Industry Buzzwords

• Defending Vegan Diets — RDs Aim to Clear Up Common Misconceptions About Vegan Diets

• Alternative Avenues — Supplements and Nutraceuticals for Treating Cardiovascular Disease

• Fueled by Technology — Athletes Achieve Top Performance With Diabetes Management Tools

• Summer Camps With a Twist — Programs Help Kids Have Fun While Honing Healthful Habits

• Working Mothers’ Challenge — Finding a Way to Pump Throughout the Day

• Good Eats From Around the Globe

• Marathon Fueling — Runners Need Proper Nutrition and Hydration for the 26.2-Mile Stretch

• No Meat, No Problem — Vegetarian Diets Can Support Optimal Health for Infants and Children

• Eating Out in a Down Economy

• Vegetarian’s Challenge: Optimizing Essential Fatty Acid Status

• Hurdles in the Health Food Aisle

• Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease — Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of an Emerging Condition

• Naughty and Nice — A ‘Give-and-Take’ Approach to Holiday Feasting

• Cortisol: Its Role in Stress, Inflammation, and Indications for Diet Therapy

• ’Tis the Season for Good Digestive Health

• Proposed Beverage Tax Stirs Mixed Reactions

• Give ’Em Options — RDs Can Help Restaurants Cater to Gluten-Free Customers

• Dietary Supplement Quality and Safety

• Seasonings of Change

• New Administration, Fresh Agenda — Nutrition Issues Rise to the National Stage

• Commercial Appeal

• Sorting Out the Science on Multivitamins and Minerals

• That’s Progress — Advancements in Hospital Foodservice

• Off to a Good Start — Embracing Slow Food Philosophies for Nutritious and Pleasurable Eating

• Orthorexia: When Eating Healthy Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

• Today’s CPE: Understanding Celiac Disease

• Complex Times Call for Simple Foods

• Free of Gluten, Full of Flavor

• Coffee Buzz: Trends and Possible Perks of America’s Beloved Beverage

• Seeking Simplicity: Consumers Drive Back-to-Basics Food Trend

• Canned Foods Make a Comeback

• 2009’s Top 10 Fitness Trends (There’s a Workout for Everyone on This List)

• Small Stores, Big Changes

• A Decade of Today’s Dietitian— Celebrating 10 Years of the Magazine for Nutrition Professionals

• Nutrition Trends for the New Year — Small Portions Will Be Big in 2009