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May 2019 Issue

The Mediterranean Diet
U.S. News & World Report has ranked this dietary pattern the best overall this year. Learn why it’s so special and get caught up on the latest research.

The Gut Microbiome’s Link to Celiac Disease
How do genetics, the environment, and diet influence this chronic and cryptic autoimmune condition?

Probiotics for Vaginal Health
In an exclusive interview with Anthony Thomas, PhD, Today’s Dietitian explores the efficacy of probiotic supplementation in the prevention of UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and other common urogenital infections in women.

Update on Genetic Testing
Real hope or real hype? Experts weigh in on this tool’s efficacy—and limitations—for informing personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Yoga & Mindfulness Therapies for Eating Disorders
These grounding, inspirational, and even spiritual practices can offer unique opportunities for patients with eating disorders to recover and find peace with their bodies.

CPE Monthly: Nutrition Therapy for Adults Receiving Radiation Treatment
This continuing education course examines current research on nutrition for adults receiving radiation therapy and provides recommendations and strategies RDs can use when counseling clients and developing an oncology nutrition screening protocol.


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