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May 2024 Issue

Wine Intake and the Med Diet
The Mediterranean diet has been praised for its healthfulness, and its guidelines include wine in moderation. But how healthful is this alcoholic beverage? Find out what the current research says for wine consumption as part of the Med diet.

Nutrition's Impact on Cognitive Decline
Cognitive decline is a normal part of aging. However, choosing an evidence-based, brain healthy dietary pattern tailored to individual preferences and cultural traditions can slow disease progression and make a difference in patient care.

Menopause and Eating Disorders
Women going through menopausal transition are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder and being undiagnosed due to societal myths. Discover the prevalence of eating disorders during this time and strategies for RDs to help potential at-risk clients.

Improving IVF Outcomes
While in vitro fertilization is on the rise, it isn’t a foolproof method for conception alone. Learn about the complexity of infertility and the important roles nutrition and lifestyle play to increase success rates.

CPE Monthly: Nutrition Guidance for People With ALS
This continuing education course examines nutrition interventions to support people diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lifestyle and dietary challenges are explored with the goals of preventing malnutrition, maintaining muscle strength, and identifying therapeutic practices to promote quality of life.


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