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June/July 2020 Issue

Discover the World of Postbiotics
Many RDs know the ins and outs of probiotics and prebiotics, but postbiotics might be new territory. Emerging research suggests these compounds may have unique health benefits.

Dietary Interventions for Pancreatitis
This inflammatory condition affects thousands of Americans each year. Here’s an update on dietary interventions spanning from enteral and parenteral nutrition to solid foods.

The Untold Story of Obesity
Weight bias puts health care outcomes and, ultimately, the lives of people with obesity at risk. RDs can examine and resist their own weight biases as a means to counsel patients more kindly and effectively.

Social Determinants of Health — Looking Beyond the Individual
Education, income, and exposure to crime, among many other socioeconomic and environmental factors, may have a far greater effect on chronic disease than previously thought.

Food Waste, Climate Change, and Hunger
The effects of food waste can feel overwhelming in their scale and scope, but RDs and clients can make a difference.

Functional Foods & Cognitive Health
Certain foods and ingredients are becoming hugely popular for the role they’re purported to play in boosting brain function and maintaining mental health. But is there any merit to these claims?

CPE Monthly: Cruciferous Vegetables
This continuing education course explores the research on the health effects of and most common concerns about cruciferous vegetable consumption.


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