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May 2020 Issue

Skeptics of the Med Diet
Some individuals and organizations have a real bone to pick with the beloved Mediterranean diet. Today’s Dietitian scours the science to determine whether their criticisms are valid.

Probiotics in Diarrhea Treatment
While probiotics have been touted to treat just about every GI disorder and discomfort, evidence for their efficacy is mixed when it comes to preventing or alleviating this unpleasant condition.

Insulin Delivery Devices in 2020 and Beyond
Innovative tools, from inhaled insulin to automated insulin management systems, that lessen the burden of diabetes self-care have emerged—and they’re improving the lives of people with diabetes.

The Ultimate Guide to Pulse Flours
They’re made from chickpeas and lentils, green peas and lupini beans—and they’re loaded with nutrients. Learn how clients can use pulse flours for gluten-free baking to boost nutrition, along with some delicious, simple recipes to share.

Seals & Certifications
There’s a wide range of environmental, animal and worker welfare, and diet-related front-of-package labels out there. Get clients hip to what the labels mean so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families.

CPE Monthly: Offal — Health Benefits of Organ Meat
This continuing education course examines current offal usage in the United States and internationally, and examines the benefits of, considerations for, and barriers to use in the US food market. It also offers recommendations for how RDs can apply this information to public health and private nutrition settings.


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