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January 2020 Issue

High-Fiber Convenience Foods
It used to be that the only way to get plenty of fiber conveniently in one sitting was via a chalky drink mix. Now, new companies and tried-and-true brands alike are packing fiber into sweet and savory snacks for clients on the go.
2020 Planner
Today’s Dietitian gathers top tips from experts and curates a list of professional and educational goals for each month to boost public health and your career, media presence, and credibility.

Understand the science behind this ruby red powerhouse’s health benefits and how its many forms—from juices and extracts to its jewel-like arils—stack up nutritionally.

BMI vs Waist Circumference
Research is emerging showing that waist circumference, which measures excess visceral fat, may be a better measure of chronic disease risk than BMI alone.

All Eyes on Diet
Age-related macular degeneration is a vision-robbing disease on the rise. But consumption of a variety of nutrients found in foods and supplements can help prevent and even slow its progression.

CPE Monthly: Nutrition and Lifestyle Solutions to Female Hair Loss
This continuing education course examines the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on acute and chronic hair loss in women.


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