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October 2019 Issue

Vegetable-Based Pastas
Alternative pastas made from spiralized veggies, veggie powders, beans, and/or lentils are rising stars as consumers increase protein and decrease carbohydrate intakes. But are they more nutritious than wheat pastas?

The FDA’s New EPA/DHA Health Claim
Fish, seafood, and EPA/DHA supplement producers now have the green light to add a qualified health claim for hypertension to these products’ packaging. Is this messaging a boon for consumers’ hearts, or are the purported health benefits still a little fishy?

Anorexia and the Gut Microbiome
Causes of eating disorders typically are debated in terms of genetics vs the environment, but the latest research shows a possible link between anorexia and the gut microbiome.

The Balance Between Plant and Animal Foods
While many see these categories of protein as being at odds, using them as complements within a healthful eating pattern can be a ticket to a nutrient-rich diet.

Pain — The Role of Nutrition
A diet chock-full of anti-inflammatory foods and nutrients may ease the all-too-common woes of chronic pain.

CPE Monthly: Implications of Body Figure Awareness
This continuing education course examines the health implications of body figure awareness and compares and contrasts this self-concept among adults, adolescents, children, and racial/ethnic groups as it relates to weight management.


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