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April 2020 Issue

Omega-3s for Sports Performance
Today’s Dietitian takes a dive into the evidence surrounding the benefits of supplementary and dietary omega-3s for strength, endurance, recovery, and concussion rehabilitation in athletes.

Malnutrition in Hospitalized Older Adults
This underrecognized condition can spell extended hospital stays or worse for older adults, but a recent initiative aims to stop malnutrition in its tracks.

Soyfoods & Thyroid Health
Some clients express fear over research that supposedly shows a damning connection between soy products and thyroid problems. Are these concerns founded, or are they just another misconception?

Food Insecurity on College Campuses
Students attending higher education experience food insecurity more than you might think—and worse, they’re more likely than other groups to be barred from receiving government aid for food. In lieu of more supportive federal and state policies, here’s what some schools are doing to help.

Eating to Heal a Leaky Gut
Intestinal barrier function may play a role in clinical and subclinical manifestations of gastrointestinal, autoimmune, and inflammatory disorders. But there are nutritional interventions that can help clients maintain intestinal health and possibly control symptoms associated with these conditions.

CPE Monthly: The Relationship Between Food Allergies and Asthma
This continuing education course identifies the association between food allergies and asthma and provides counseling strategies dietitians can use when working with patients.


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