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March 2020 Issue

Plant Protein Powders
These extremely popular supplements are an easy way to boost plant protein intake, but what attributes should clients look for, and are they healthful and safe?

CBD Beverages
As with other cannabis-based products, beverages that contain the nonintoxicating compound cannabidiol are flying off shelves, but science and regulations haven’t yet caught up to the frenzy.

Today’s Dietitian’s 11th annual TD10 feature illuminates 10 RDs doing incredible work helping patients heal through food, advocating for clients in vulnerable populations, increasing diversity in the profession, and so much more.

Writing for Retail Customers
Supermarket RDs need to be on the front lines connecting with consumers—and this includes clear and science-based writing on nutrition topics. Learn what RDs across the industry are doing to improve their communication skills.

Exercise & Eating Disorders
Experts argue that the long-held belief that physical activity triggers relapse in those in eating disorder recovery isn’t only inaccurate—it can be downright dangerous.

CPE Monthly: The Gut Microbiome and Nutritional Status
This continuing education course examines the current research on the gut microbiome’s influence on nutritional status. It discusses the relationship between the microbiome and digestion of macro- and micronutrients. It also reviews research related to the gut microbiome and malnutrition and obesity.


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