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January 2021 Issue

Climate-Friendly Eating
As leaders and experts in food and nutrition, RDs have the power and responsibility to help clients shift toward health-promoting and environmentally sound dietary patterns.

Nutrition Counseling During COVID-19
As the novel coronavirus pandemic drags on into 2021, dietitians reflect on how their practices, messaging, and counseling strategies have evolved.

Social Media’s Latest Happenings
With social media, the only constant is change, and it can be tough for even the most tech-savvy RDs to keep up. Here’s the latest on the platforms and how to use them.

Shaping Better Nutrition Messages
Some longstanding but nonspecific nutrition messages may do more harm than good if RDs don’t break them down for clients. Here’s how the dietetics community can do better.

Diet’s Role in Opioid Recovery
Can good nutrition really influence recovery from opioid use disorder? Today’s Dietitian looks at the current evidence and future directions for research and counseling.

CPE Monthly: Health Benefits of Seeds
This continuing education course examines the role seeds play in the modern diet, reviews nutrition content of seed categories, and explores potential health benefits of including these foods in the diet.


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