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August 2019 Issue

Green Tea Catechins
Does the science on this popular and ancient beverage’s antioxidant compounds measure up to the hype?

Nutrition & Academic Performance
Take out your pencils and notebooks and get educated on how nutrition impacts cognition, brain development, and academic performance in school-aged children.

Popular Weight Loss Programs
How do commercial diet programs and products stack up against one another, and what should RDs tell clients who want to follow them?

The Link Between ZZZs & Eats
Clients’ food choices can impact their nightly trip to dreamland much more than they might expect.

Thinking Critically About Nutrition
Clients’ critical thinking failures contribute to many of their nutrition missteps and misunderstandings, but RDs can harness behavioral science to stem the tide.

CPE Monthly: Clean Eating: What Does It Really Mean?
This continuing education course reviews the ambiguity of the term “clean eating,” explores the various interpretations that have emerged, and examines the evidence for and against claims pertaining to clean eating. It also highlights the need for RDs to determine what outcomes their clients hope to achieve through clean eating and how to help them meet their needs using an evidence-based approach.


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