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November/December 2019 Issue

Heart-Healthy Holiday Eating
Managing CVD over the holidays doesn’t have to be bland or unfulfilling. Sticking to small portions of what clients truly love and including lighter, produce-packed dishes means they can enjoy time with family and friends with less guilt.

Game-Changing Meds for Severe Hypoglycemia
The world of emergency treatments for severe hypoglycemia has been the same-old, same-old for more than half a century, but that suddenly has changed. Discover three innovative drugs on the market and others in the pipeline.

The Impact of Exercise on the Brain
It’s no secret that huffing and puffing is good for the heart, joints, and other body systems. But physical activity can change the brain’s structure, leading to improved mental wellness and cognition, too.

Frozen Foods Get a Makeover
Forget the rock-hard lasagna with dozens of unpronounceable ingredients—frozen foods are back in style with sustainable and fresh components, plant-forward dishes, creative spice combinations, and global flavors.

CPE Monthly: Preexisting Diabetes in Pregnancy
This continuing education course examines the nutritional needs of women with preexisting diabetes who become pregnant. It uses current evidence-based practice to provide diet, weight, and physical activity recommendations for RDs to support their role as active members of the health care team.


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