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April 2021 Issue

Soy Antinutrients
Is consumer concern about these plant food compounds warranted, or is eschewing them just part of another fad?

Electrolytes’ Role in Optimal Hydration
Inadequate fluid and electrolyte replacement can be deleterious to athletic performance. Find out how to help athletes navigate current guidelines and the market of electrolyte products.

Pregnancy Weight Gain
With obesity associated with negative health outcomes for developing fetuses and mothers-to-be, it’s prudent for RDs to know what’s appropriate weight gain during pregnancy and how to counsel clients.

The “Magic” of Matcha
This vividly hued tea variety has found its way into lattes, ice cream, curry, baked goods, and more, not just because of its earthy flavor but also its purported health benefits. Popular as it may be, does it live up to the hype?

Cranberry Products & UTIs
In light of FDA approval of new qualified health claims set to appear on some cranberry products, Today’s Dietitian revisits the positive relationship between these foods and urinary tract infections.

CPE Monthly: Aphrodisiac Foods
This continuing education course reviews the potential for food to be used as an aphrodisiac, including history and traditional uses and modern-day research about food’s ability to boost libido and enhance sexual health.


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