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November/December 2020 Issue

Brain Healthy Holiday Foods
Encourage clients wanting to maintain good cognition to serve up nutritious, mouthwatering dishes that will help make this unusual holiday season a little sweeter.

Diabetes Drugs Update
While RDs tend to focus on healthful lifestyles for diabetes management, it’s just as important they learn about pharmacological interventions. Today’s Dietitian covers new and forthcoming diabetes drugs.

Postnatal Supplementation
Do women’s nutrient needs change after they have a baby and decide to breast-feed? Learn about the limited research on this critical time period to answer this important question.

Cannabis in Cancer Care
Research has shown that most cancer patients want information about cannabis to relieve symptoms associated with treatment. What does the evidence say about its use?

Advocating Biodiversity in Diets
Diet diversity isn’t just good for the body—it’s good for the planet, too. Read about the benefits of demanding, growing, and eating a wider range of foods.

CPE Monthly: Nutrition Interventions to Manage Hyperlipidemia
This continuing education course digs deep into the diet patterns, foods, nutrients, and supplements affecting blood cholesterol levels.


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