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October 2020 Issue

Ethics in the Plant-Based Food Movement
Dietitians join the conversation about how this initiative traditionally has excluded people of color and lower-income individuals and offer ways to bring about change.

Probiotics and Immune Health
Desperate to prevent coronavirus infection, many people have turned to probiotics to boost immunity. But has the craze outpaced the science?

Meeting Weekly Seafood Recommendations
Most Americans don’t eat enough fish, but RDs can encourage them to diversify their selections and get creative in the kitchen to achieve their nutrition goals.

Telehealth in Private Practice
Virtual nutrition counseling demand and opportunities have skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic. Experts provide tips for the uninitiated on how to get started.

Improving School Wellness
Learn about innovative programs advocating for delicious, healthful food in schools and fighting to save recess.

Cannabis & CBD Edibles
This increasingly popular method of administration offers clients a discreet and smoke-free way to consume cannabis. A holistic cannabis practitioner covers edibles’ advantages and disadvantages and considerations for RDs.

CPE Monthly: Coffee’s Impact on Cognitive Function
This continuing education course reviews coffee’s effects on cognition, how its impact varies based on consumption patterns, its physiological and neurophysiological effects, and consumption recommendations.


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