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February 2019 Issue

Sex, Gender, & CVD
Presentation of and risk factors for CVD can differ vastly between men and women. Arming clients with this vital information could save their lives.

Ethnic Cuisine — A Bridge to Health Equity
African Americans disproportionately experience preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The good news? African heritage diets are some of the most nutritious on the planet and can empower African Americans to reclaim their health.

Hottest Trends in 'Natural' Food Products
Despite this label's lack of federal regulation, the "natural" food and beverage industry is booming. Stay up to date on the latest offerings in the category, and help clients understand what this term does (and doesn't) mean.

Meal Replacement Solutions
Drinks, powders, and bars that stand in for meals tout everything from weight loss to energy boosts, but many consumers need guidance on the most healthful products.

The Diet-Acne Connection
Do certain foods prevent or cause this pervasive skin condition? Here's a review of the latest science and tips for counseling clients.

CPE Monthly: Hypertension in Children and Adolescents
This continuing education course reviews current research regarding hypertension in children and defines the dietitian's role in screening, prevention, and management of the condition.


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