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January 2017 Issue

Sugar Industry Cover-Up?
Today's Dietitian evaluates the published analysis in JAMA alleging the sugar industry hid sugar's role in the development of heart disease.

Meal Delivery Services
Learn about eight of the most popular plans for busy clients who want the convenience of prepping healthful meals quickly.

Metabolically Healthy Obesity
Is it an oxymoron or a medical reality? Today's Dietitian reviews the science.

Cancer's Link to Body Fat
Research shows overweight and obesity are associated with several different types of cancers.

TD Exclusive: Diabetes Care and Education
Today's Dietitian sits down with Hope Warshaw, the 2016 immediate past-president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, to discuss the organization's work, the RD's role in diabetes care, and ways dietitians can be most effective in delivering diabetes care, education, and support in the future.

CPE Monthly: Health Benefits of Chia
This continuing education course provides an overview of chia's history and nutrient composition, reviews current research regarding the health benefits of chia seeds, and offers strategies RDs can use to advise clients about chia seeds.


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