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Mental Health’s Link to CVD Risk
Today’s Dietitian explores the impact of mental health on heart
health and the potential for nutrition and lifestyle interventions
to improve both.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements
Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders are common, and consumers are turning to supplements to manage them. Learn how these remedies may improve digestion and help ease certain GI symptoms in appropriate dosages.

Embracing Diabetes Technology
Diabetes care has become more manageable for clients as new technology-enabled systems have been introduced. Discover how RDs are integrating the use of these new innovations in practice and what advice they have for other nutrition professionals.

CPE Monthly: Hazardous Supplements
This continuing education course explores the research on dietary supplements, potential ingredient interactions, and safety recommendations.


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Culinary Corner

January 2024 Issue

Celebrating 25 Years!
Today’s Dietitian (TD) commemorates 25 years of evolution in the nutrition profession. From shifting approaches to weight management to the rise of gut health’s significance and the pandemic’s huge impact, TD reminisces about the hottest trends and its significance as your quintessesntial resource.

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Obesity rates continue to climb throughout the United States, and metabolic and bariatric surgery often is the most effective long-term treatment. Read about its evolution, the types of procedures performed today, and experts’ thoughts on the research.

Postexercise Recovery
Whether working with individuals new to exercise or professional athletes, RDs must be familiar with sports nutrition principles. Learn about a three-pronged strategy for recovery after endurance training and the best options for recovery beverages to share with clients.

Spotlight on Vertical Farming
In an effort to combat the challenges of population growth, less farmland, and climate change, farmers have begun to innovate. Find out how new climate-controlled facilities are fighting these issues and providing healthful food for the masses.

CPE Monthly: Effects of Chronic Dieting and Weight Fluctuation
This continuing education course explores the science behind metabolic adaptation and how RDs can help clients create a more sustainable weight loss journey.


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