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Watercress Salad With Frisee, English Cucumber, and Radishes

Toss the cucumber with vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Let stand for 10 minutes. Add the frisee, watercress, spinach, and radishes and toss well. Read More »


Apple Pear Salsa

This orchard fruit combo is the perfect way to take salsa beyond this season and into fall and winter cooking. Enjoy it with pork chops, roasted pork loin, or roasted chicken. Makes about 3 cups. Ingredients: 2 medium, firm but ripe Bosc... Read More »


The Spice Is Right: Rosemary

What is it about rosemary that makes it so popular? A single rosemary sprig resembles a branch from a pine tree, and its woodsy pine scent, while strong, isn’t overpowering. And rosemary packs a nutritional punch, too. Read More »

Diet & Weight

Normal-Weight Obesity

More than one half of Americans fall within a healthy weight range. But the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s because 50% of the people in the acceptable weight range are not considered healthy because fat... Read More »


Lemon Chicken With Broccoli and Ginger

Lemon chicken is legitimately Chinese. When making it for family and friends, Chinese cooks coat bite-size pieces... Read More »


Garlic-and-Herb Baked Artichokes

Bring 3 to 4 inches of water to a boil in the bottom of a steamer. Set the artichokes upright on the steamer rack and set the rack above the water. Read More »


Spanish Tortilla

This classic Spanish tapas is delicious and filling—a marvelous choice for a party hors d’oeuvre. Why try? With the primary ingredients being potatoes, eggs, and onions, this is an economical way to keep your party guests happy. Read More »


Chicken Tenders With Swiss Chard and Israeli Couscous

Place raisins in warmed broth to plump. Season chicken tenders with 1 teaspoon kosher salt and the black pepper. Read More »


Waging War on Wrinkles

It’s an inescapable fact of life: wrinkles happen. Aging does not discriminate; it inevitably strikes us all, and our faces show it. Although there's no miracle cure for the effects of time on our skin, medical advances continue to bring new... Read More »

Diet & Weight

Fuel Up

You made a commitment to exercise and are ready to start moving on a regular basis. If you're like most people, one of your primary reasons for exercising is to lose weight. So instead of calorie-laden (not to mention expensive)... Read More »


Orange and Walnut
Brussels Sprouts

Some folks think of Brussels sprouts as a winter vegetable, but its high point is early spring. Even non-Brussels sprouts lovers may like this recipe. Read More »


Improving Balance

When we were children, we didn't think twice about standing on tree branches or playground equipment, running without paying attention to where our feet were going, and closing our eyes and spinning around till we fell down... Read More »


Pistachio-Cherry Turkey Roulade With Pomegranate Sauce

Halve the pomegranates. Using the tip of a spoon, pop out about 3 tablespoons of whole seeds; set aside. Squeeze remaining pomegranates with a citrus juicer. Read More »


The Healthiest Cooking Oils

It used to be that when you went to the grocery store to get cooking oil, your choices were vegetable, corn, or olive. Now there's an extensive cooking oil section that also includes nut oils such as walnut and almond as well as... Read More »



During the 2007 Chicago Marathon, 300 people were treated for dehydration and the effects of heat. Yet you don't have to run 26.2 miles in hot weather to become dehydrated. We often fail to realize that dehydration can affect everyone... Read More »


Salad Rolls With Crab
and Spicy Mango Sauce

Don't let working with rice paper intimidate you; I promise it will be old hat after you finish the first few rolls. Besides, you'll want to master the technique as part of your gluten-free... Read More »


Think Before You Drink

Many people on a gluten-free diet don't think much about what they drink. That's fine, says Suzanne Simpson, BaSc, BAH, RD, a dietitian at the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University in New York, "if your choices are limited... Read More »

Diet & Weight, health, Nutrition

Diet and Breast Cancer

The second time Diana Dyer, MS, RD, was diagnosed with breast cancer—this time a more aggressive and advanced form—she looked at her doctor and asked, "What can I do to help myself?"... Read More »


Peanut Satay Sauce

Use this versatile peanut sauce not only as a dip for grilled satay skewers, but also as the backbone for Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken and Peanut Sauce (see the book for recipe). The sauce contains a little bit of heat, but you can... Read More »


Braised Red Cabbage
With Green Olives

Remove the outer leaves from the cabbage and slice it into 1/4-inch strips, discarding the core. In a Dutch oven, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the cabbage... Read More »


10 Ways to Take Charge
of Your Heart Health

“A mountain of scientific research has proven that a delicious Mediterranean diet protects against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and can even help with weight loss... Read More »

Sweets & Baked Treats

Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownies With Walnuts

Preheat oven to 350˚F. Spray a 9-inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray. Place black beans in a mixing bowl. Add the sugar, oats, cocoa powder, olive oil... Read More »


6 ‘Heart’y Snacks

Who doesn’t like a good snack once in a while? I know I couldn’t get through the day without a few well-planned snacks. Many people try (usually unsuccessfully) to steer clear of snacking because the word conjures images of candy... Read More »


Red Is for Heart Health

You may think that after surviving a heart attack, most people would be eager to toe the line with respect to dietary changes and exercise. Surprisingly, few do. The reasons are many and include a lack or an overload of information... Read More »


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