Regular Girl

What is Regular Girl?

A synbiotic blend of clinically proven prebiotic fiber and probiotics that help maintain a healthy digestive balance.* Regular Girl uses the award winning and patented Sunfiber® brand of soluble dietary fiber and the clinically proven Bifidobacterium lactis (BL-04). Formulated for women by a woman nutritionist and dietitian. Regular Girl is available in convenient on-the-go stick packs as well as a 30-day supply of scoop-able powder.

Regular Girl
Starter Kit

15 convenient packets in
reusable BPA free bottle

Regular Girl

30 day supply of
scoopable powder

Regular Girl
On The Go

30 convenient packets
in a resealable pouch

Dietitian Affiliate Program

Regular Girl is available online via our RDN Affiliate program. Dietitians such as yourself include mention of Regular Girl and its prebiotic and probiotic benefits in their daily communications and get paid commissions for as long as purchases are made. Regular Girl affiliates are provided with a wealth of regulatory approved and clinically substantiated content in the form of articles, emails, blogs, social posts, videos and more to use in your daily communications. Affiliates also receive promotional tools, such as the great new Poop Chart and product samples to share in your practice.

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Regular Girl
Data Sheet

Regular Girl

Regular Girl

Resources for your Clients

Poop Chart

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Chia Berry Banana Smoothie

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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