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Telcare Rolls Out First-in-Class mHealth Glucose Meter

Telcare, Inc. officially has begun marketing the Telcare BGM, the first cellular-enabled glucose meter that allows patients to transmit their blood glucose readings to caregivers and family members through their smartphones and receive immediate coaching and clinical feedback relayed to the screen of the glucose meter.

Patients don’t have to take additional steps to transmit the data, and the cost of the wireless connection is included in the price of the device and its accompanying test strips. Thus, users will have a much richer clinical experience at no additional cost when compared to standard glucose meters. 

Telcare’s objective is to transform diabetes management from a condition where patients feel cut off from their caregivers and don’t know what to do from day to day, to a model in which the patient is continually empowered to manage his or her condition through continual feedback from caregivers, family members, and even other patients.

Real-time information is transmitted to the electronic medical record and personal health record, such as Microsoft HealthVault, and various smartphone apps designed to connect patients to family members and to each other. While other marketplace solutions have relied on Bluetooth transmission to cell phones, connections from glucose meters to personal computers and cradles, or required patients to manually enter results into a phone app, Telcare’s solution requires no additional steps on the part of patients.

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