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Diabetes i-Pocket App: Jack of all Trades

The Diabetes Mellitus i-pocket from Borm Bruckmeier Publishing provides clinicians with what some consider the most current recommendations regarding diabetes treatment and management. Physicians can use the app at all levels of training.

The table of contents contains the bulk of the app, ranging from topics such as inpatient intensive care management and outpatient preventive care to specialty topics, including diabetes in pregnancy and pediatrics.

Much of the app is organized into mini chapters. The first page of the topic provides a bulleted overview of the information that follows.

Small discussions are often provided on subtopics, accompanied by charts and tables.

An appendix of medications related to diabetes is available, ranging from insulins and oral antidiabetic drugs to antihypertensives and antilipidemics.

One of the best features of the app, which is available at the App Store, is the up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines that often include references presented by the authors.