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New iPad Version of Nutrition Solutions App Debuts

Dietary Software, Inc has unveiled its new Nutrition Solutions application (version 2.0) for the iPad, specially designed for dietitians and nutrition professionals who want to get the information they need in seconds on a much larger screen.

The new app includes clear, brightly colored, visible task choices, from working with preferred or ideal weight range goals in five taps to caloric, fluid, or protein requirements in three more taps.

Nutritionists can identify clinical risks and calculate basal metabolic index; basal energy expenditure; and caloric, fluid, and protein needs based on variations for activity, injury, disease, and wellness. Other features include weight change tracking and access to a full database of enteral formulas with the ability to add or change listed formulas.

The app also offers nutrition results for hourly and daily rates; total volumes with or without custom flushes added; exchange lists for diabetic-type diets with carbohydrate, protein, and fat percentages; and mg-mEq conversions for phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, and other nutrients.

In addition, nutrition professionals can choose and modify enteral formula rates and make caloric intake additions by changing screens and sorting products for nutrients of interest.

The company will update the app, which is available for purchase at the App Store, with evidence-based, American Dietetic Association nutrition practice guidelines.

— Source: Dietary Software, Inc