RD Survey Says Food Tracking Can Help Weight Loss Efforts

A new survey fielded by Today's Dietitian on behalf of Sunshine Health Studios found that over 94% of RDs say that health and fitness tracking apps increase weight loss success, 78% say it helps people make more healthful choices, and 70% say it can change their lifestyles. Nine out of 10 also agree that using an app to track is easier than the old-school food diary. The solution: the newly updated iTrackBites app!

"This week, we are proud to announce the release of the new and improved iTrackBites app," says Shaun Steingold, of Sunshine Health Studios. "We have redesigned iTrackBites to better empower people to make changes to their diet and lifestyle. This new release introduces a highly visual interface, simplified search, and streamlined logging, to effortlessly track towards personalized intake goals each day. We are honored by the continued success our millions of customers are experiencing with iTrackBites and are excited to unveil the latest iteration of the app for iOS and Android."

The survey of 466 RDs representing all areas of specialization confirmed the value of many of the features of iTrackBites. The number one priority in selecting an app, according to RDs, is the ease of tracking foods. They want a comprehensive database that includes brand names, convenience foods, and restaurant items.  Many RDs further reported the importance of being able to scan an item's UPC code to track. This feature is important because it's not just about tracking ingredients in homecooked meals, Steingold says, but also helping people make the right food decisions on the go. Real people need real-world solutions like the new iTrackBites Recipe Builder, Restaurant Guide, and Snack & Beer Guide.

RDs feel that apps are a valuable tool in the supermarket and can enhance nutrition counseling between clients and RDs. The RDs are confident that apps can help consumers count calories (68%) as well as increase their exercise habits (54%).

"The iTrackBites Community, accessible through the app, provides a wonderful source of camaraderie for those dedicated to changing their lifestyle and health. iTrackBites' users are able to share recipes, photos, motivation stories, and support each other to provide accountability with each use," Steingold says. "We personally understand how challenging it can be to stay on course when it comes to healthy habits, which is why iTrackBites is the only app to support all other weight loss systems and food score values. Our goal is to give users a highly visual and personalized tool that lets them take control, monitor success, and identify challenges, while being fun and easy to use!"

The all new iTrackBites app is available for download on the Apple App Store or through Google Play. For more information, visit and follow @iTrackBites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

— Source: iTrackBites