RDBA Launches New EDUTRAC® Education Programs for Retail Dietitians

The Retail Dietitians Business Alliance (RDBA) has launched EduTrac®, an online educational program that provides retail dietitians with core business knowledge helping to bridge the retail dietitian's health and nutrition background with business as it relates to supermarkets.

"The learning curve for a registered dietitian going to work in a retail setting can be steep," says Phil Lempert, CEO and president of the RDBA. "EduTrac will provide greater understanding of the retail environment and position RDs for quick and greater success." 

EduTracs are available to RDBA members at no cost at The first EduTrac, sponsored by USA Pears, debuted July 1 and is titled "Maximizing your Health and Wellness Impact through Sampling Programs." The approximately one-hour session provides an in-depth understanding of the various ways in-store sampling programs can be managed and executed, and how retail RDs can interface with each of the various approaches. The program includes videos, pictures, checklists, and quizzes to make the education process engaging for RDBA members. 

RDBA is currently in the process of securing continuing education credits for RDs who take EduTracs and pass a quiz with at least an 80% score.

Founded in 2012, RDBA is a professional group comprised of more than 600 retail registered dietitians throughout the U.S. who most often work in supermarkets. RDBA is the first to offer retail business education programs for registered dietitians that help these professionals better understand the business of retail, including trends, merchandising, working with suppliers, and more.

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