August 2015 Issue

CPE Monthly: Dietitians in the Health Care Classroom — Assessing Learners' Prior Knowledge Is Key: Part One of a Three-Part Series
By Kristine M. Westover, MS, RDN, LDN
Today's Dietitian
Vol. 17 No 8 P. 48

A Prior Knowledge Preclass Assessment

Welcome to our nutrition class. You are preregistered. To help us create a class that meets your needs, please complete the following questionnaire.

1. I am interested in nutrition.
a) True
b) Somewhat true
c) Somewhat false
d) False

2. I studied nutrition in (check all that apply):
a) Grade school
b) Middle school
c) High school
d) College
e) Graduate school
f) I did not study nutrition in school.

3. I work, or used to work, in a foodservice environment.
a) True (If so, where and what do you do or did you do?)
b) False

4. I learn about nutrition from the following sources (check all that apply):
a) Pamphlets the doctor gives me
b) School textbooks about health or nutrition
c) Pinterest boards about food and diet
d) TV talk shows that discuss a diet concept
e) Online articles from news outlets
f) Scientific and medical study reports
g) Discussions with my peers and family members
h) Other sources of information

5. I follow a diet plan already.
a) True (Please write what it is and how you follow it.)
b) False (Please briefly describe the way you eat.)