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September 2016 Issue

The Best of Boston Dining
If you're heading to Boston next month for the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo®, get ready to experience this city's dynamic food scene. From local seafood and farm-fresh produce to authentic ethnic eateries and hip, eclectic fare, Beantown won't disappoint.

Getting Heart Healthy: It's a Family Affair
Dietitians provide their best tips for addressing the eating habits of the entire family to increase the odds of behavior change in individual patients with cardiovascular disease and decrease the risk of future disease in their children.

Fresh Look at Brown Rice
Explore this staple's unique history, nutrient content, and varied health benefits.

TD Exclusive: Meet Lucille Beseler
Today's Dietitian sits down with the new president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who offers her best career advice and lays out her most ambitious aspirations for the organization.

Peanut Allergy Prevention
Research shows introducing peanut products in early infancy is efficacious in reducing risk of peanut allergy in children.

CPE Monthly: Beauty and Nutrition
This continuing education course identifies and examines current evidence about the role of nutrition in beauty. It explores the effect of dietary interventions and appropriate supplementation on reducing acne and wrinkles, managing skin dryness, and strengthening hair and nails.


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