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August 2016 Issue

Low-Carb Diets & Diabetes
Research shows these eating patterns are effective in controlling blood glucose in some patients, but they may not work for everyone.

The School Breakfast Program
Learn about its history, its benefits, and where it stands today.

Fiber & Irritable Bowel Syndrome — Strategies
for Counseling Patients

Fiber often triggers symptoms in patients with IBS, but it's also a commonly recommended treatment. Learn how patients can eat a fiber-rich diet without worsening GI distress.

Hottest Nutrition Trends of 2016: Nuts and Seeds
Consumers can enjoy them in meals, individually wrapped packages, and various snack foods.

Hottest Nutrition Trends of 2016: Ancient Grains
They offer good nutrition, variety, and health benefits.

CPE Monthly: The Role of Flax in the Diet
This continuing education course reviews the nutritional content of flax and explores its potential to assist in preventing and managing various medical conditions.


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