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October 2016 Issue

Low-Fat Vegan Diets
Today's Dietitian speaks with experts and explores the science concerning this popular plant-based eating pattern.

The Truth About Dairy Fats
In the debate about saturated fats, where does full-fat dairy fit?

Coconut Oil
What's behind its "health halo," and does the latest science back it up?

The Child and Adult Care Food Program
Learn about this program that provides nutrition for both ends of the life cycle.

TD Exclusive: Meet Dawn Jackson Blatner
The dietitian behind the winner of the ABC reality TV show My Diet Is Better Than Yours discusses what sets her diet plan apart, how she makes career decisions, and why authenticity is the best card you have—so why not play it?

Inflammation and Osteoarthritis
Research shows a diet rich in anti-inflammatory compounds can prevent and even slow disease progression.

CPE Monthly: Examining Popular Detox Diets
This continuing education course explores whether there's scientific evidence for the efficacy and safety of detox diets for weight loss, examines the components of popular detox diets, and discusses potential adverse effects.


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