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February 2015 Issue


Heart-Healthy Oils — They're Not All Created Equal
Here's an update on what's trending on store shelves and the latest science on the healthful fats they contain.

What's New in the Dairy-Free Aisle
Consumer demand for plant-based dairy products is on the rise. Learn more about which categories are gaining in popularity and how these options compare nutritionally with their dairy counterparts.

TD Q&A — Building a Private Practice
Today's Dietitian speaks with successful entrepreneurs to get answers to common questions about what it takes to start a nutrition business. 

Plan Healthful Vegan Diets
Learn how to better counsel vegan clients and patients so they can meet nutrient needs and avoid shortfalls.

The Value of Benchmarking
Today's Dietitian reviews the differences between required and voluntary benchmarking programs and offers RDs strategies for implementation to help improve delivery of clinical nutrition services.

CPE Monthly: Skin Cancer and Nutrition
This continuing education course evaluates the current research on dietary interventions that may affect the risk of developing skin cancer and analyzes the possible mechanisms involved with the disease.


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