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July 2016 Issue

Purple Reigns
Fruits and vegetables that feature that deep violet hue are loaded with antioxidants that studies show can improve cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Hottest Nutrition Trends of 2016: Shifting Protein Trends
According to a survey of 450 dietitians who weighed in on the top nutrition trends of 2016, more consumers are gravitating toward plant-based protein sources to meet daily requirements.

Hottest Nutrition Trends of 2016: Green Tea — A Refreshing Beverage and Healthful Elixir
Today's Dietitian reviews the health benefits of green tea.

Weight Loss Resistance — Myth or Harsh Reality?
Learn about the possible explanations for why weight loss sometimes eludes clients' best efforts.

Guide to Eating Egg-Free
With new product innovations on the market, clients can enjoy baked goods and other foods they once avoided.

Today's Dietitian 3rd Annual Spring Symposium
This year's symposium was TD's best continuing education and networking event yet.

CPE Monthly: Motivational Interviewing
This continuing education course provides an overview of MI in nutrition counseling, offering readers essential tools for enhancing client motivation.


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