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January 2015 Issue


Alternative Natural Sweeteners
Learn more about the most popular products on store shelves and what the science says about their nutrient content and safety profiles.

Boost Your Career in 2015
Experts provide 10 proven strategies that will help take you and your business to the next level.

Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding — Learn About the Benefits, Risks, and Strategies for Success
Across the country, more RDs are assisting home enteral nutrition consumers with the use of blenderized foods for tube feeding even though not much medical research has been done to support this practice.

Corporate Sponsorships — An Assessment of Food Industry Relationships in the Dietetics Profession
In part one of this two-part series, Today's Dietitian will tackle the question: How should the dietetics profession navigate corporate sponsorships? We've asked several nutrition experts to weigh in with their feedback surrounding this hot issue.

The Gamification of Weight Loss
Making a game of losing weight using smartphone apps, online programs, and social media platforms is a fast-growing trend that's improving lives.

CPE Monthly: Assessing Vegetarian Athletes' Needs
This continuing education course reviews the unique nutritional needs of vegetarian athletes in the context of nutrition assessment and management.


Editor's Spot
New Year, Greater Anticipation

Reader Feedback

Ask the Expert

Practice Matters
Optimizing Nutrition Before Surgery

The Heart Beat
Eat Nuts

Eating Disorders
Starving for Two

Dynamics of Diabetes
Break the Cycle of Gestational Diabetes

Focus on Fitness

Culinary Corner
Warm Winter Produce and Tahini




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