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March 2018 Issue

The Power of Coffee
Media coverage and popular opinion on this ancient and ubiquitous beverage have varied, but the sum of research shows health benefits for a variety of conditions.

Increasing Produce Intake
Learn how innovative supermarkets have figured out how to boost their shoppers' fruit and vegetable consumption.

From cancer patients to master gardeners, Today's Dietitian's ninth annual showcase highlights 10 outstanding RDs who are making a difference in the nutrition profession.

Impacts of Modern Agriculture
Sustainability and agriculture experts evaluate agriculture's massive changes in practice and scale over the past several decades and determine how to best help people and the environment.

Detect Nutrient Deficiencies With NFPE
RDs can greatly improve seniors' quality of life and care by identifying older adults' nutrient deficiencies with the nutrition-focused physical exam.

CPE Monthly: Family Approaches to Weight Management
This continuing education course explores adult and pediatric weight management through the lens of family-based programs, discussing effectiveness, barriers, and implementation structures.


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