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Shopping Locally

Now more than ever it’s important for consumers to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables. Shopping locally helps fuel the economy in their communities, protect the planet, and improve their own health.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, Today’s Dietitian (TD) offers an overview of what buying local means, the benefits of doing so, tips for overcoming barriers to accessing local foods, and programs to facilitate such purchases.

After reading the article, visit TD’s website at to read the digital edition of the May issue, which includes articles on the Med diet, counseling children with disabilities and obesity, plant-based milks, prediabetes subtypes, and new guidelines for IBS treatment.

Don’t forget to check out where you can read and comment on blogs written by RDs for RDs. We’re welcoming new guest bloggers, so if you’re interested in writing, please contact me at the e-mail listed below.

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— Judith Riddle, editor
e-News Exclusive
Talking Local Foods With Clients
Local foods matter and RDs are positioned to be integral in this shift in the food paradigm.

By Lori Zanteson

Local foods undoubtedly have settled into the mainstream, having established roots beyond the nutrition and wellness world. They’re now a selling point in supermarket produce departments and restaurants alike and in both high-end and smaller grab-and-go eateries. RDs are on the pulse of this movement, giving them not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to talk about local foods with clients.

The benefits of supporting locally grown foods include individual health and enjoyment, building community, strengthening the local economy, and protecting the planet. And these benefits are vital to clients—and all people.

Why Local Foods Matter

Although there’s no predetermined distance to define “local,” 100 miles or fewer is a common benchmark. The fewer miles our foods travel, the lower the emissions from transport vehicles, such as airplanes, ships, and trucks. Conventional food distribution uses more fuel and thus emits more carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases that has been linked with climate change. Local food systems rely on a network of small family farms, which usually are sustainably run, meaning they often plant diverse crops, limit synthetic pesticide and fertilizer use, practice no-till agriculture and composting, minimize transportation to consumers, and use little or no packaging for their farm products.

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The Science Behind Immunity and Gut Health Through Postbiotics
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Give Real Maple a Turn: The Science Behind Pure Maple Syrup and Why It Should Be a Pantry Staple for an Active Lifestyle
Presented by Navindra P. Seeram, PhD, Jonathan Tremblay, PhD, Elana Natker, MS, RD
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Presented by Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN
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How to Support Your Immune System During a Pandemic (and Beyond)
Presented by Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, LDN, CSO
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Power Up Your Cells with NAD+ to Add Health to Years
Presented by Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD
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Take 1: Using Live Cooking Demonstrations to Scale Your Nutrition Practice: Creating Virtual Experiences
Presented by Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN
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Field Notes
Illinois Hospital Launches Food Surplus Project

MacNeal Hospital, located in Berwyn, Illinois, and part of Loyola Medicine, has launched the Surplus Project to package excess hospital and cafeteria food for delivery to nearby shelters and transitional housing.

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, staff volunteers pack individual meals and desserts—labeled with nutrition information, including allergens—along with beverages, fruit, vegetables, and other available food. The group packs approximately 75 meals each day, or 150 meals per week, adhering to strict state and local food safety guidelines.

“Despite careful planning, hospitals typically have extra food that has been thawed, cooked, and/or is ready to eat, but not needed,” says Jennifer Grenier, DNP, CNML, CENP, associate chief nursing officer at MacNeal Hospital, who oversees the program. “Our goal is to improve the nutritional health of the community. Through The Surplus Project, we are able to share excess food and beverages that would otherwise go to waste with nearby food-insecure families.”

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RD Lounge Blog
Clinical Supervision for RDs
Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN

When you hear the term “supervision,” what comes to mind? If it’s someone watching you and directing your work, you’re not alone—this is what many people think of! Or maybe you think back to your days in “supervised practice” during your dietetic internship when you were working alongside an RD who signed off on all of your chart notes.

Clinical supervision is something different. It’s when you meet with someone who can help you through clinical cases—like a mentorship relationship, but a bit more involved.

Clinical supervision is common in the psychotherapy world, as well as among dietitians who specialize in eating disorders. But outside of the eating disorders field, many dietitians have never heard of supervision. Which is a shame, because supervision is imperative for effective training and growth as a nutrition counselor.

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Other News
Consumers Misinterpret Food Date Labels Yet Use Them With Confidence
A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior and reported by ScienceDaily reveals that many consumers don’t understand the differences between food labels such as “best by” and “use by”—yet believe they interpret them correctly.

Greater Demand for Sports Nutrition Products Driven by COVID-19
New market research, reported by Natural Products Insider, shows consumers seeking sports nutrition products as healthful alternatives to traditional snacks is primarily driven by concern about COVID-19.
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In the June/July Issue

Colored Rice — An Array of Whole Grain Goodness

Reducing SSB Intake — An Interprofessional Approach

MNT in Chronic Kidney Disease

COVID’s Impact on the Foodservice Industry

Trauma-Informed Nutrition Care
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Slip-On Workout Recovery Sleeve
The HurtSkurt is a new compression sleeve with integrated therapeutic hot and cold gel panels. Designed to be worn on a wide variety of places where muscle soreness or strain typically occur, including knees, calves, ankles, wrists, and forearms, it can be frozen or heated in the microwave before sliding on. The HurtSkurt can be used while resting or exercising. Learn more »

Free Guided Meditation Program
The Healthy Minds Program app, available free for iOS and Android, features a guided meditation program informed by neuroscience research from the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The app includes both seated and active guided meditations ranging from five to 30 minutes, podcast-style meditation and neuroscience lessons from experts, and tracking of different areas of users’ well-being. Learn more »