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Healthful Eating and Dementia Risk

Much research has emerged on the link between diet and cognitive health. Studies have suggested associations between certain foods and nutrients on decreased risk of various aspects of cognitive decline in older adults, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, though many of these findings are inconclusive. The Mediterranean and MIND diets seem the most promising to reduce cognitive decline, but many would agree still that more research is needed.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, Today’s Dietitian (TD) discusses a recent study stating there’s no association between healthful eating in midlife and dementia risk later in life. Seems like a contradiction to current research, but it’s best to read the article and study before making that determination.

After reading the article, visit TD’s website at to read the digital edition of the June issue, which includes articles on meat substitutes, the implications of the EAT-Lancet Report, liberalized diets in hospitals, and carbohydrates for top sports performance.

Don’t forget to check out where you can read and comment on blogs written by RDs for RDs. We’re welcoming new guest bloggers, so if you’re interested in writing, please contact me at the e-mail listed below.

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— Judith Riddle, editor
e-News Exclusive
Long-Term Study Shows No Association Between Midlife Diet and Dementia Risk

With the older adult population growing worldwide, research on diseases associated with cognitive decline and aging, such as dementia, has shifted to the forefront. Particular focus has been given to prevention efforts, with some studies suggesting lifestyle factors such as physical activity and diet may reduce dementia risk.

An article in the June 2019 issue of Today’s Dietitian highlights research showing the potential neuroprotective effects of dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean and Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) diets, while acknowledging that the research still has a ways to go. The study outlined below demonstrates the difficulty of establishing a direct link between diet and dementia risk.

A UK study that measured diet and cognitive decline over almost 25 years didn’t show an association between a more healthful diet in midlife and a lower risk of dementia later in life. The findings, published in JAMA, are the first to examine the prospective association of diet quality in midlife with later life risk of developing dementia with a follow-up of more than 10 years.

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Field Notes
Smartphone Intervention Shows No Benefit for Weight Regain Prevention

A scalable, mobile phone–based intervention designed to slow weight regain after an initial weight loss had no significant effect on participants’ weight, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine by Falko Sniehotta, PhD, a professor of behavior medicine and health psychology at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, and colleagues.

Obesity is a major contributor to preventable life-years lost worldwide, and, while effective behavioral weight loss interventions are available, weight loss often is followed by weight regain. In the new study, researchers carried out a randomized controlled trial involving 288 people from North East England with obesity who recently had lost at least 5% of their body weight. The NULevel intervention consisted of a single face-to-face goal-setting meeting, self-monitoring, and personalized feedback on weight, diet, and physical activity via SMS text messages with embedded links. The control group received standard lifestyle advice via newsletter.

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Continuing Education
Learn about food deserts and their implications for health in this month’s issue of Today’s Dietitian. Read the CPE Monthly article, take the 10-question online test at, and earn two CEUs!

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Recorded Webinars

Changing the Conversation: Culinary Techniques to Meet the Needs of a Client’s Diagnosis Without Sacrificing Flavor for Digestive Disorders
In Part 2 of this 4-part complimentary webinar series, Chefs Abbie Gellman, MS, RD, CDN, and Julie Harrington, RD, reviewed how to work with your clients who have digestive disorders so they can enjoy food while managing their diagnoses. The presenters used evidence-based science but translate it through food and behavior change techniques specifically geared toward the client with digestive disorders. Sponsored by Egg Nutrition Center.
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Advancements in the Treatment of Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Disorder
Binge eating disorder (BED) was first identified in 1959; however, it was not formally recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders until 2013. This webinar was presented by Dr. Christy McElroy, PsyD, and Emily Presbrey, MS, RD, LDN, and provided attendees with an understanding of the signs, symptoms, and prevalence of BED, as well as information on the advances and updates in treatment. Click here to register »

Promoting Healthy Portion Sizes
One national trend that is likely to be a key contributor to the rising rates of obesity in the United States is the increase in the size of food and beverage portions. This webinar by Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, CDN, provides an overview of the evidence on trends regarding portion sizes, the influence of portion sizes on food intake, and consumer attitudes regarding portion sizes. Click here to register »

Transforming the Mindset of Hunger
Hunger lurks everywhere in the United States—and few of us feel it. Approximately 40 million people, including 12 million children, struggle to find their next meal. Yet, most health care professionals initially promote the consumption of produce to prevent and manage chronic disease instead of assessing for food access first. In this presentation, Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND, will review two common misconceptions surrounding food insecurity and explain how making one simple change will improve health outcomes. This topic will be examined even further by Clancy in another upcoming presentation. Click here to register »

2020 Spring Symposium

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RD Lounge Blog
Postworkout Fueling for Athletes
Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN, LDN

While there’s some debate as to what the ideal window of opportunity is for refueling after a strenuous workout, it’s undeniably crucial to replenish muscles. Exercise, while great for the body in many ways, also creates stress within the body, breaking down muscle and depleting energy reserves. Refueling after long and intense workouts can be a protective mechanism to prevent further breakdown in the body. RDs should note, however, that the average client performing short and less intense workouts, such as running on a treadmill, generally won’t require refueling outside of usual meals and snacks.

The following are steps RDs can take to educate active clients about refueling’s benefits.

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Other News
Life Expectancy Gaps Linked to Neighborhood Segregation
A new analysis of the 500 largest US cities finds disparities in life expectancy of up to 30 years among neighborhoods highly segregated by race or ethnicity, PRNewswire reports.

New Website Fights ‘Nonsense’ Claims in Nutrition Books
The Seattle Times highlights the website Red Pen Reviews, where experts review the (often over-the-top) claims in health and nutrition books to curb the consumer misinformation these titles create. 
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Diabetes Management & Nutrition Guide

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