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Editor's e-Note
Get Cookin’ With Pulses

Ever wonder how to get clients excited about eating more beans, peas, lentils, and other pulses?

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, Today’s Dietitian offers several creative ideas on how to encourage clients to include more pulses in every meal of the day. Pulses have a long history of being a dietary staple in more than 100 countries—dating back thousands of years. They’re chock full of nutrients such as fiber, protein, and potassium and include a variety of phytochemicals.

After reading the article, visit Today’s Dietitian’s website at to read the digital edition of the October issue, which includes articles on low-fat vegan diets, dairy fats, coconut oil, anti-inflammatory foods for osteoarthritis, and our exclusive interview with the winner of the ABC reality TV series My Diet is Better Than Yours Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD.

It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™. Please enjoy the E-Newsletter and give us your feedback at, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

— Judith Riddle, editor
Consider the limits of supplements
e-News Exclusive
Get Powered With Pulses
By Sharon Palmer, RDN

Throughout history, humans relied on pulses—mature, dried seeds from pods, including beans, peas, and lentils—for sustenance. First, our early ancestors gathered these edible seeds in the wild in their hunt for food, and later they began cultivating them during the earliest forms of agriculture. Pulses have been found in caves in Thailand and Egyptian tombs dating back some 11,000 years. In fact, nearly every culture has a pulse in its traditional diet. They’re grown in 173 countries around the world and everywhere in the United States except Alaska. Different regions around the globe have developed unique ways to enjoy pulses—from Mexico’s pinto bean frijoles to French lentil salads to Greece’s herb- and olive oil-infused giant beans.

One of the reasons pulses have become such a backbone of cultural diets is their rich nutrient cache. Many consider pulses to be one of nature’s most perfect foods. One-half cup contains at least 20% DV for fiber, folate, and manganese; at least 10% DV for protein, potassium, iron, magnesium, and copper; and 6% to 8% DV for selenium and zinc; as well as phytochemicals such as alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, and phenolic compounds.

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Introducing The RD Lounge!
More than anyone, your peers understand the joys, rewards, and challenges you face as a dietitian.

With this in mind, Today's Dietitian has created the RD Lounge, a blog written for and by RDs. Our posts are geared specifically to RDs rather than to general consumers, so this blog is unlike any other in dietetics.

Because this lounge is for dietitians only, we’ve built it exclusively as an online sanctuary from all the noise surrounding food and nutrition and as a safe place for RDs to escape and engage with fellow professionals.

Our diverse network of bloggers are all accomplished RDs offering thoughts and philosophies that represent the many different facets of nutrition and dietetics. They’ll also post about real-life experiences, successes, and overcoming challenges. What this impressive group of professionals all have in common is a passion for the profession, an adherence to science, interesting experiences to share, and expertise to impart.

The RD Lounge is now open, and we invite you to read, share, and comment on our posts often by visiting regularly.
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Field Notes
Impact of Marketing Unhealthful Foods and Beverages on Kids

Research from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, shows that advertisements for unhealthful foods and beverages high in sugar or salt have an immediate and significant impact on children and lead to harmful diets.

The study, published in the scientific journal Obesity Reviews, examined 29 trials assessing the effects of unhealthful food and beverage marketing and analyzing caloric intake and dietary preference among more than 6,000 children. Researchers found that the marketing increased dietary intake and influenced dietary preference in children during or shortly after exposure to advertisements.

Behnam Sadeghirad, PharmD, lead author of the study, says that these findings demonstrate the influence that these advertisements, a growing epidemic, have on children’s food choices.

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Other News
Gastric Bypass May Bring
Infant Nutrition Deficits

Infants born to women who’ve had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass are more likely to be small for their gestational age and have nutrition deficiencies at birth, according to WebMD.

Poor Exercise Habits May Follow Teens
Into Adulthood

Most American teenagers don't get enough exercise, and they often stick with their sedentary ways as they enter adulthood, according to Fox News.
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Diabetes Bootcamp

Meat Snack Fervor

Frozen Food Innovations

Mindful and Intuitive Eating During the Holidays

Combating Cancer Malnutrition
Continuing Education
Learn about the efficacy and safety of popular detox diets for weight loss in this month’s issue of Today’s Dietitian. Read the CPE Monthly article, take the 10-question online test at, and earn two CPEUs!

Complimentary Live Webinar

What’s New in the World of Carbohydrates
In this webinar presented on Thursday, November 3, 2016, at 2 PM EDT, Joanne Slavin, PhD, RD, professor and prior member of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, will provide an overview of the science behind the carbohydrate recommendations of the DGAs. She will discuss the latest evidence relating to appropriate carbohydrate consumption, together with practical strategies for counseling patients and clients regarding the inclusion of healthful carbohydrates in their diets. Register Now »

Recorded Webinars

Does Hidden Bias Impact Clinical Care?
In this unique and timely webinar, Janice Sabin, PhD, MSW, shared the latest research on how unconscious provider bias can impact clinical care. Nina Crowley, PhD, RDN, LD, joined the conversation and reviewed ways to talk about obesity, choosing your words carefully, and checking in with your own biases to improve communication and outcomes in your practice. Together, they made a case for patient-centered communication to help your patients achieve optimal outcomes. Register »

Cultivating Creativity in Nutrition & Fitness Activities for Kids
Whether you work with children on an everyday basis or simply lead a few nutrition lessons in your local school each year, this webinar, presented by Chrissy Carroll, MPH, RD, LDN, ACSM-cPT, will give you creative activities to implement! From a food group relay race to the "go-slow-whoa" game to building a breakfast book, you’ll learn ways to get a bit silly and connect better with your littlest clients. The hands-on activities discussed will be appropriate for the classroom, after-school programs, and community settings, with many applicable to family counseling sessions as well. Register »

Digital Supplement With Free CE Course

Mindful Eating in Nutrition Counseling for Eating Behaviors: What Research Suggests
This continuing education course examines the meaning and practice of mindful eating and its benefits in relation to problematic eating behaviors that affect many people. It also explores the potential value to RDs of adopting a mindful eating approach to better support clients.

Read the digital supplement
, and take the online exam to earn 2 CPEUs.

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Expansive Nutrition Database Debuts
The USDA unveils its Branded Food Products Database ( The database expands the USDA Food Composition Database collection, which previously included only the National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. The new database contains nutrition details on more than 80,000 branded prepared and packaged foods available at restaurants and grocery stores. Learn more »

Advanced App Gives Cyclists an Edge
The Cyclemeter app (, available free for iOS, records metrics for cyclists such as heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power. Cyclists simply press their earphone remotes to begin recording an outing. Users can plan workouts, view their statistics for an unlimited number of workouts, compete against themselves or other users, view terrain and traffic maps for their planned workout, and more. Learn more »
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