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Editor's E-Note
It’s All About the Flour

Here’s some good news to share with clients and patients who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity: They don’t have to give up eating delicious baked goods, especially if they like to bake their own desserts. The trick to baking tasty gluten-free foods is in the type of flour they use.

This month’s E-News Exclusive provides background on the various types of gluten-free flours clients and patients can use for baking and which ones work better than others for certain baked items. Plus, there are recipes for gluten-free cheese bread balls and gingersnap cookies.

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— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Gluten-Free Baking — The Lowdown
on Popular Gluten-Free Flours

By Juliann Schaeffer

A celiac disease or gluten sensitivity diagnosis immediately can strike fear in clients’ hearts—a fear that resides primarily in the kitchen. “For many people newly diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the kitchen instantaneously becomes an intimidating place,” says Carol Fenster, PhD, author of 10 gluten-free cookbooks, including 100 Best Gluten-Free Recipes, noting that people suddenly are faced with a surplus of scary questions, such as “What can I eat without getting sick?” and “How can I cook for my family and myself while avoiding cross-contamination?”

However, while cooking gluten free can be intimidating, baking is an altogether different animal and poses its own distinct challenges. “I think gluten-free baking is harder than gluten-free cooking because baking of any kind requires more precision than cooking,” Fenster says. “We see Food Network chefs on TV and they add a little of this, a handful of that when cooking, and it looks so easy. But this doesn’t translate into successful baking, which requires precision in order not to upset the delicate balance between liquid and dry ingredients.”

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Power20 App for
Diabetes Patients

A new smartphone app for people with diabetes is designed to help patients control their blood glucose levels through guided exercise. Arshad and Anika Chowdhury created the Power20 app as a way of teaching their relatives with diabetes about the benefits of regular exercise for blood sugar control. Learn more »

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     • Gluten-Free Diets and Celiac Disease
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Other Nutrition News
Some Mothers Can’t Breast-Feed
A Chicago Tribune article discusses how there are physical reasons women can’t breast-feed, but few health professionals provide assistance for overcoming this obstacle.

Soaring Bee Deaths in 2012 Sound Alarm on Malady
According to a New York Times article, colony collapse disorder, which surfaced eight years ago, increased drastically in 2012, possibly wiping out up to 50% of the beehives needed to pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables in the United States.
Field Notes
Mushrooms Provide as Much Vitamin D as Supplements

Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine have discovered that eating mushrooms containing vitamin D2 can be as effective at increasing and maintaining vitamin D levels as taking supplemental vitamin D2 or D3. The findings recently were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and will appear in Dermato-Endocrinology.

Vitamin D is crucial for good bone health and muscle strength; adequate amounts help the body maintain bone density, reducing the risk of fracture, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. The nutrient also plays an integral role in modulating the immune system to help fight infections such as the flu and reduces the risk of many common diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes.

For the randomized study, 30 healthy adults took capsules containing 2,000 IU of vitamin D2, 2,000 IU of vitamin D3, or 2,000 IU of mushroom powder containing vitamin D2 once per day for 12 weeks during the winter.

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