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Editor's E-Note
Healthful Sports Nutrition

For decades, collegiate and professional athletes have used sports nutrition products such as protein powders, supplements, gels, and drinks containing caffeine, electrolytes, creatine, carnitine, DHEA, and chromium picolinate, among others, to boost performance, enhance exercise recovery, and improve endurance during rigorous training. And while these products are still popular today, sports nutrition manufacturers have begun adding vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to their formulations to tout them as “good for your health.”

This month’s E-News Exclusive discusses some of the nutrients sports nutrition companies are adding to their products and how they may benefit athletic clients who want a winning edge. To read more about sports nutrition products and the ingredients that truly serve as performance enhancers, visit our website at www.TodaysDietitian.com and read “Ergogenic Aids: Competitive Edge or Hidden Danger?” on page 24 in the digital edition of the April issue.

We welcome your feedback at TDeditor@gvpub.com. Enjoy the e-newsletter, and follow Today’s Dietitian on Facebook and Twitter.

— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Adding More Healthful Ingredients
to Sports Nutrition Products

By Maura Keller

The sports nutrition industry is big business. By 2018, sales of sports nutrition supplements will reach $6.17 billion, according to a recent report from Global Industry Analysts.

Historically, sports nutrition products have included ingredients such as creatine, caffeine, and whey protein to boost athletic endurance, enhance physical strength, improve exercise recovery, and adapt to the rigors of intense training. And while many of these products, known as ergogenic aids, are benefitting athletes, many sports nutrition companies are trying to improve them by adding vitamins, minerals, and other healthful ingredients such as probiotics and glycerol to promote them as being “good for your health.”

“These [sports nutrition] supplements are still some of the most popular on the market,” says Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, a board-certified sports dietetics specialist. The essential amino acid creatine promotes anabolism, increasing muscle mass to help athletes build greater strength during weight training workouts. And caffeine is the principal player in most preworkout powders, energy drinks, and weight-loss aids.

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Tech & Tools
Track Calories, Weight,
Exercise, and More

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Handheld Yoga Workout
Pocket Yoga by Rainfrog, LLC enables clients to practice yoga at their own pace, giving them the choice of selecting three different practices and difficulty levels, and three different lengths of time for their workouts for a total of 27 distinct yoga sessions. They can listen to soothing or hip-hop music during sessions.
Learn more »
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Other Nutrition News
Dietitian With a Personal Touch
This New York Times article profiles dietitian and book author Tanya Zuckerbrot, who has clientele who pay her $10,000 a pop to help them eat healthfully and lose weight.

Many Moms Start Babies on Solid Foods Too Soon
A study recently published in Pediatrics indicates some mothers begin feeding their babies solid foods too soon, according to this USA Today article.
Field Notes
Community Approach Effective in Fight Against Diabetes
New research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that a diabetes prevention program led by community health workers is effective at reducing blood glucose and potentially reducing diabetes over the long term.

This is the largest program to successfully replicate the results achieved by the Diabetes Prevention Project, a research study led by the National Institutes of Health and supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which demonstrated several years ago that lifestyle weight-loss interventions can reduce the incidence of diabetes by 58%. The study recently was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

“We wanted to take this intervention out to people in the community rather than having them have to come to us in a clinical setting,” says Jeff Katula, PhD, the study’s lead author who’s an assistant professor of health and exercise sciences at Wake Forest University and joint assistant professor of epidemiology and prevention at Wake Forest Baptist. “Given the high prevalence of obesity and metabolic syndrome and risk of diabetes, our study shows we can provide an effective program in a community setting.”

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