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Editor's E-Note
Happy Holidays

As vegan clients prepare for the second phase of the holiday season, tell them they can make many of their favorite traditional dishes without dairy and still make them taste great.

This month’s E-News Exclusive discusses how easy it is to replace dairy ingredients in certain holiday dishes with nondairy substitutes and provides recipes that will satisfy vegan and nonvegan eaters alike.

Make sure you visit Today’s Dietitian’s website at www.TodaysDietitian.com. You’ll find the digital issue of the magazine that has more seasonal articles and holiday recipes plus the latest news and information that’s relevant and reliable to daily practice. We welcome your feedback at TDeditor@gvpub.com. Enjoy the e-newsletter, follow Today’s Dietitian on Facebook and Twitter, and please enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Holiday Tempeh  •  Quick and Easy Vegan Holiday Stuffing  •  Mom’s Baked Apples

Enjoying a Vegan Holiday
By David Yeager

Replacing dairy ingredients with nondairy alternatives is easier than clients think. Here are some suggestions and recipes for traditional holiday favorites.

Clients can choose to eat a healthful vegan diet, especially since doing so has become easier in recent years. Vegan specialty foods such as soy yogurt and veggie dogs were once consigned to health food stores but are now sold in most major grocery chains. In addition to foods that are naturally vegan, there are an increasing number of specialty items that either substitute plant products for animal products within foods, such as baked goods, or serve as a replacement for the animal product, as in soy cheese, rice milk, and meat substitutes.

While eating a vegan diet still requires some planning and creative meal preparation, one time of year that may require a little extra creativity is the holiday season. People tend to favor certain traditional dishes, and many of them are made with at least one or two animal products.

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Other Nutrition News
Has Breast-Feeding Been Oversold?
Challenges have arisen regarding the popular idea of “breast is best,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

A Future Wheat for People Allergic to Gluten
Scientists are working toward creating wheat that doesn’t contain troublesome gluten, but while it may be possible, it’s not yet a reality, the Los Angeles Times reports.
Field Notes
Kids Consume More Soda and Calories When Eating Out

Children and adolescents consume more calories and soda and have poorer nutrient intake on days they eat at either fast-food or full-service restaurants compared with days they eat meals at or from home.

A new study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and published online by Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine is the first to look separately at fast-food and full-service restaurants. The researchers examined calorie intake, diet quality, and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, particularly soda, on days when youngsters ate out compared with days they did not. They used data from the three waves of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for the years between 2003 and 2008, which included 4,717 children aged 2 to 11 and 4,699 adolescents aged 12 to 19.

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