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Complimentary Live Session
Answers to Your Questions About Sleep | With Chris and Kara Mohr | Thursday, March 11, at 1 pm ET
How's your sleep going in 2021? Do you toss and turn every night? Do you wonder if your tablet or smartphone is the reason your brain can't (or won't!) shut down? Do you dream of getting higher quality and a higher quantity of sleep, but just can’t figure out how?

Join Chris and Kara Mohr, founders of Mohr Results, for a complimentary session on Thursday, March 11, at 1 pm ET, as they address all your FAQs about sleep. This dynamic duo will dive deeper into the thousands of questions they received following their two highly popular webinars from 2020, as well as more recent inquiries the Mohrs have received since the launch of their CDR-approved sleep course, 21 Days to Better Sleep, which is worth 5.0 CEUs.

What's more, you will receive a coupon code after the event for $10 off the Mohr's 5-credit sleep course just by attending this free session.

Sign up today to get all your sleep questions answered and be on your way to a very restful 2021.

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