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You’re A Dietitian AND An Influencer. Join Our Green Box Club!
Greetings on behalf of the Today's Dietitian team. We recognize you as an influential nutrition professional and we'd like to invite you to be a member of our new Green Box Club, where we team up with influential RDs like yourself who elect to receive small packages of high-quality and useful products to sample, share, discuss, and recommend.

Here's a little intro on what you'll find in each green TD Box. We will always try to include products that are new, popular, tasty, interesting, and nutritious. Some boxes will have a theme and others will just be things we think are fresh and exciting. Samples will be enclosed in a signature green box.

We hope you love getting our green boxes! If you like what you receive, feel free to share with patients or clients who could benefit, as well as on your blogs and social media platforms. When you do share information about any of these products, please do tag us @TodaysDietitian on Twitter and Facebook and use #TDBox.

If you're interested in accepting our invitation to be a Green Box Club member and receive our green TD Boxes, please apply here: