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Editor's e-Note
The Gluten-Free Truth

As the gluten-free food trend continues to grow, you’ll probably encounter clients and patients who are eating gluten-free foods for reasons other than eliminating the symptoms of celiac disease and nonceliac gluten sensitivity. Some believe the diet will help them lose weight, boost energy, and enhance their athletic performance. But is this true? And if not, how should you counsel them?

This month’s E-News Exclusive answers these questions and separates fact from fiction concerning the gluten-free diet.

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— Judith Riddle, editor
Field Notes
Debunking the Myths of Gluten-Free Eating
By Maura Keller

About a decade ago, gluten-free foods were difficult to find. They often were sold only in specialty food stores or online. Today, walk down any grocery aisle or read most restaurant menus, and you’re bound to see a plethora of products and foods boasting the fact they’re gluten free.

The popular gluten-free claim on product packaging mimics other health claims such as “fat free” or “sugar free,” suggesting these products somehow are healthier options for everyone. But this isn’t necessarily the case for individuals without celiac disease or nonceliac gluten sensitivity.

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Webinar: Gluten-Related Disorders
Free 1-Credit Continuing Education Webinar
Wednesday, May 28, 2-3 pm EDT

With a prevalence around 1% and growing, celiac disease is the most common genetically induced food intolerance worldwide. This autoimmune condition causes damage to the mucosa of the small intestine, which results in a variety of clinical presentations. As many dietitians have seen in their clients, celiac disease can lead to complications and increased mortality when left untreated.

This webinar, presented free of charge courtesy of the Dr. Schär Institute and the NASPGHAN Foundation, offers dietitians the insight and expertise of two respected experts in the study of this condition.

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When Men Get an Eating Disorder
A study finds men don't seek help for eating disorders because they don't recognize the symptoms, according to a TIME article.

Obesity Studies Tell Two Stories, Both Right
The New York Times reports on both sides of a debate regarding the supposed drop in obesity among young children.
Field Notes
Fast-Food Ads for More Healthful Kids’ Meals
Don’t Send the Right Message

Fast-food companies’ attempts at depicting more healthful kids’ meals frequently go unnoticed by children aged 3 to 7, according to a new study by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. In research published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that one-half to one-third of children didn’t identify milk when shown children’s advertising from McDonald’s and Burger King depicting that product. Sliced apples in Burger King’s ads were identified as apples by only 10% of young viewers; instead most reported they were French fries.

“Burger King’s depiction of apple slices as Fresh Apple Fries was misleading to children in the target age range,” says principal investigator James Sargent, MD, codirector of the Cancer Control Research Program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center. “The advertisement would be deceptive by industry standards, yet their self-regulation bodies took no action to address the misleading depiction.”

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