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Tech & Tools
A Game-Changing Practice Management iPad App
ClinicJot is an all-in-one therapist management tool that allows users to create and manage appointment and client information on the go without the need for an Internet or 3G connection. Client appointments can be synced with the native calendar within any Apple device or computer, with direct map integration to aid house calls.
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Help for Tracking
Blood Glucose Levels

Blood Sugar Tracker by HealthyCloud.com allows users to log and track blood sugar as well as set target ranges. This app provides easy-to-understand graphs and charts that track blood glucose levels over time.
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Other Nutrition News
Peanut Allergies on the Rise
A new study of children from southeastern Minnesota, where peanut allergies tripled in the last decade, says this is evidence that peanut allergies are becoming more common in the developed world, Reuters reports.

Food Insecurity Adds to Problems in HIV
According to a new study, people with HIV who don’t have reliable access to nutritious food are more likely to end up in the hospital than those who regularly get enough to eat.
TH Foods
Editor's E-Note
Reaping a Harvest

As part of a growing trend to serve healthier foods and promote disease prevention among patients and customers, many hospitals across the country are revamping their foodservice programs. Some are relying on local food suppliers for fresh foods, and others are planting their own gardens. They’re growing fruits and vegetables and using them as ingredients in various recipes to create an atmosphere focused on health and wellness.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, Today’s Dietitian profiles a Wisconsin hospital that planted a garden the size of a football field to offer more nutritious foods in its cafeteria. To read even more about what hospitals are doing to improve their foodservice programs around the country, read “The State of Hospital Nutrition” in the October issue of Today’s Dietitian, or online here.

In addition, please be sure to visit Today’s Dietitian’s website at www.TodaysDietitian.com. You’ll find the digital issue of the magazine and the latest news and information that’s relevant and reliable to daily practice. We welcome your feedback at TDeditor@gvpub.com. Enjoy the e-newsletter and follow Today’s Dietitian on Facebook and Twitter!

— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Gardening for Better Health
By Lindsey Getz

A Wisconsin hospital harvests a bounty to serve more healthful meals.

As more hospitals revamp their menus and offer healthier fare, many are turning to local food suppliers. But UW Health Partners Watertown Regional Medical Center in Watertown, Wisconsin, has taken this a step further and created an 11,000-sq ft garden in its own backyard.

“When we first started talking about growing some of our own produce, our vision was a small raised garden off the back of our kitchen—only a 10-ft by 10-ft kind of space,” says Chef Justin Johnson. “But the more we talked about our desire to use local ingredients and make fresh food the centerpiece of our menu, the more we realized that growing it ourselves would eliminate the middleman and be our ideal solution. So we started looking at the property the hospital owned. We found a patch below a hill in the parking lot which was about a football field size.”

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Continuing Education
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In the November issue

Reversing type 2 diabetes with natural therapies

Stocking up a gluten-free kitchen

Compulsive eating disorder in obese women

Vegetarian Thanksgiving holiday

Debate about stopping unlicensed nutritionists from practicing
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Field Notes
Latinos More Vulnerable to Fatty Pancreas, Type 2 Diabetes

Latinos are more likely to store fat in the pancreas and are less able to compensate by excreting additional insulin, a Cedars-Sinai study shows.

The research examining overweight, prediabetes patients, published online by Diabetes Care, is part of a focus by Cedars-Sinai’s Heart, Biomedical Imaging Research, and Diabetes and Obesity Research institutes to identify biological measures that could help predict which patients are likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Calorie Control
“Prevention of diabetes is our goal,” says Richard Bergman, PhD, director of the Cedars-Sinai Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute and a lead study author. “Not all people who are overweight or obese and who have insulin resistance go on to develop diabetes. If we can determine who’s most likely to develop diabetes and why, then we can make strides toward preventing it in those individuals.”

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