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Healthier frozen foods

Role of low-fat dairy in schools

Breast-feeding strategies for working mothers

The sugar controversy

Improving hospital nutrition

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As Restaurants Cut Salt,
Some See Reasons to Pass

Restaurants are removing saltshakers from the table, but some experts question if it’s a health move or a PR move, The New York Times reports.

Artificial Sweeteners Spark
Not-so-Sweet Problems

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a growing body of science is finding that although artificial sweetener use may lower calories, consumers pay for the trade-off in other ways.
Editor's E-Note
Giving Peanut Allergy the Knockout Punch

Food allergies and ways to prevent and manage them have become hot topics lately. Allergic reactions to food can be anywhere from mild to life threatening, so it’s an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. One allergy in particular that’s caused quite a stir is peanut allergy, which is more prevalent in children than adults.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, we discuss how clients and patients can take precautions when dining out and how they can work with school administrators to help manage peanut allergy. We also review the facts and dispel the myths about peanut allergy and give you a preview of new research under way that’s examining preventive therapies for peanut allergy sufferers.

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— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Strategies for Managing Peanut Allergies
By Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RD, LD

Food allergies have become a growing concern for healthcare professionals and their clients and patients who have them. It’s estimated that food allergy affects 5% of children under the age of 5 and 4% of teens and adults.1 But many more people suffer from food sensitivities and intolerances. Furthermore, about 0.6% of Americans have a peanut allergy.1

Like other food allergies, peanut allergy reactions may involve the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Most reactions are mild, but severe ones can occur. Virtually any food allergy can cause life-threatening repercussions. Reactions are unpredictable from person to person and from reaction to reaction, and they may not worsen with subsequent exposures. Risk of the most severe reactions is highest in people with multiple allergies and asthma.

Taking the Right Precautions
Treating and managing food allergies, including a peanut allergy, requires individuals to avoid the allergen. So it’s important to inform parents and caregivers and those with allergies to read all product labels each time they buy or eat something since manufacturers may change formulations without notice. Thanks to the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), peanuts and the other top food allergens (milk, eggs, tree nuts, crustacean shellfish, fish, wheat, and soy) must be listed on food labels. Precautionary statements such as “may contain” or “manufactured in a factory with” aren’t mandatory.

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Field Notes
Cholesterol Levels Appear to Be Improving Among US Youths

In a study involving more than 16,000 US children and adolescents, there has been a decrease in average total cholesterol levels over the past two decades, although almost one in 10 had elevated total cholesterol in 2007-2010, according to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

"The process of atherosclerosis begins during childhood and is associated with adverse serum lipid concentrations including high concentrations of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-HDL-C), and triglycerides, and low concentrations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C). Serum lipid concentrations in childhood are associated with serum lipid concentrations in adulthood," according to background information in the article. "For more than 20 years, primary prevention of coronary heart disease has included strategies intended to improve overall serum lipid concentrations among youths."

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