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Corn Resistant to Weed Killer Meets Opposition
Dow Corn’s resistance to an Agent Orange element means the chemical could be used as a weed killer, but some farmers object, according to The New York Times.

Cochineal’s Common Presence
The Los Angeles Times reports on the history of cochineal as a red coloring and its many uses in our lives.
Editor's E-Note
Successful Gluten-Free Dining

"I can’t seem to find any good restaurants that serve gluten-free food. It’s getting to the point where I can no longer eat out."

How many times have you heard this bluesy refrain from gluten-sensitive and gluten-intolerant clients? All they want to do is dine out with family and friends and have a good time like the rest of us. The good news is they still can. More and more fast-food and fine-dining establishments are offering tasty gluten-free entrées and à la carte options to meet the needs of customers with food allergies.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, Today's Dietitian developed a list of 25 fast-food and fine-dining restaurants from across the country that are serving delicious gluten-free food. Share the restaurant guide and the link to the popular website we provide that’s known for listing and rating hundreds of thousands of restaurants that cater to their food allergic clientele. And please read "Tips for Traveling With Food Allergies," our Web Exclusive on our Home Page.

Be sure to visit Today’s Dietitian's website at www.TodaysDietitian.com. You'll find great news and information that’s relevant and reliable to daily practice. We welcome your feedback at TDeditor@gvpub.com. Enjoy the e-newsletter and follow Today’s Dietitian on Facebook and Twitter!

— Judith Riddle, editor
E-News Exclusive
Restaurant Guide for the Gluten-Free Dieter
By David Yeager

Eating healthfully while dining out can be a challenge for many clients, but it’s even more difficult if they happen to be gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant. In honor of National Celiac Disease Awareness Month, Today’s Dietitian compiled a list of 25 restaurants across the country known for their wide variety of gluten-free menu items. This list is based on high consumer ratings from AllergyEats, a free website that lists more than 625,000 allergy-friendly restaurants nationwide.

Some cities, such as New York; Boston; Lake Buena Vista, Florida; and Las Vegas, had several highly rated establishments, but we chose the following restaurants not only for their diverse gluten-free offerings but for their geographic locations. Clients who are looking for gluten-free cuisine will find a little bit of everything on this list. Enjoy!

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Clarifying whole grain labeling

Tomatoes and lower prostate cancer risk

Smart summer snacking

TD10: Top RD nominee profiles

Sustainable seafood update
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Updated App Enables Clients
to Eat Seafood Sustainably

Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium will allow clients to choose healthful, ocean-friendly seafood alternatives that aren’t on the endangered species list at their favorite restaurants and stores. Learn more »

Drop Pounds With This Innovative App
Lose It! by FitNow enables clients to track food intake, exercise and calorie expenditure; share progress with friends; participate in community forums; create programs; set goals; and establish a daily calorie budget. Learn more »
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Field Notes
School Climate Can Affect Overweight Children for Life

Kids can be mean, and school-yard bullying can have serious immediate and long-term effects. One area of increasing concern in this regard is the possibility that overweight or obese children shoulder the brunt of bullying. With childhood obesity rates reaching unprecedented levels, this may translate into even more negative behavior being experienced by today’s kids. It’s also possible that children who are disliked by their peers may respond by becoming less active and more likely to overeat, compounding the issue even further.

It’s a vicious cycle, to say the least. Indeed, some research shows that obese children miss more school days than healthy-weight children. One reason may be because obese kids are unhappy due to being mistreated by other children; they may be avoiding school because of a negative emotional climate in the classroom.

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