Terms and Conditions

Lifetime CE Memberships will remain active for the life of the person who purchased the subscription. Terms of Lifetime CE Memberships are subject to additional conditions as outlined below.

Lifetime CE Members are entitled to complimentary enrollment in the following continuing professional education activities offered by Great Valley Publishing Company (“GVP”):
   • 1- and 1.5-credit webinars and
   • 2-credit written self-study courses.

In addition, Lifetime CE Memberships are entitled to a 35% discount on the then-published registration fee for any live event presented by GVP.

This offer excludes joint programs offered with other providers.

In the event GVP discontinues continuing professional education services or ceases to do business, or in the event of an acquisition of GVP, change of control of GVP, significant merger, or other legal reorganization, GVP may terminate Lifetime CE Memberships by returning your purchase price less an amount computed by multiplying the number of credits hours you earned as a Lifetime CE Member by $12.00.

GVP may introduce additional services from time to time, which may be excluded from existing Lifetime CE Memberships.

GVP makes no warranties or representations as to the expected duration of its continuing professional education services, and in purchasing a Lifetime CE Membership, you acknowledge and agree that the GVP’s services could change or terminate in the future.